Even the AMA says to stick to acupuncturists when it comes to dry needling!


Most PTs have a weekend of training in dry needling,
sometimes as little as 10 hours!


Excluding all the anatomy and physiology classes,
the cadaver labs and biochemistry,
I have over 2000 hours of training in needling therapy.


“Dry needling as an invasive procedure and maintain that dry needling should only be performed by practitioners with standard training and familiarity with routine use of needles in their practice, such as licensed medical physicians and licensed acupuncturists.”

~ American Medical Association ~

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I know the demands that sports places on our body.

I know how hard we have to push ourselves to achieve our health goals.

I am here to help keep your body healthy and help keep you breaking those personal records.

Limited Time Offer

$90 Per Treatment

or 5 Treatments for $375

Most acute sport injuries can be relieved in those 5 treatments. We do 3 treatments in 7 days, another treatment one week out,
and the last treatment 10 days to two weeks out to make sure the treatment is holding 90% of the time that’s all they need.