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What Is B12 Shots

There are two things you really need to know when considering getting b12 shots. First, not all B12 is the same. Second, B12 will not make you lose weight. This is a common misconception with the health field, especially promoted by Medi-Spas. B12 is an essential vitamin that your body needs to produce healthy red blood cells and supports a functioning nervous system.

When you are deficient in B12 it can effect mood, energy, and even fertility. I have found it to be a great adjunct therapy for conditions that effect the nervous system like fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, and even shingles. When used in conjunction with a regular exercise program and healthy eating habits then it can provide the body with the energy it needs to perform at it’s best.

Types of B12

Methyl B12

This is the gold standard of B12 shots. If you have a MTHFR mutation or difficulty absorbing B12 in your diet, then this is the one you want. Our B12 shot includes 1500mcg of methylB12 without any parabens or methylparabens.
$ 25

Hydroxy B12

Occasionally we will notice that B12 will be processed by the body before it has the chance to absorb all that it needs. In those case, it is best to use HydroxoB12. This is a “slow release” form of B12 that takes longer to be absorbed in the body. As is it processed is still breaks down in to methylcobalamin B12 and can be used by those with the MTHFR mutation.
$ 35

Lipostat B-Complex

When people are using B12 in an effort to lose weight, I generally recommend that they use the Lipostat B Complex injection. It includes Inositol and Choline that help in the metabolism of fat in the body and controlling appetite. We offer a Sulfa Free option so people with a sensitivity to sulfa drugs are able to take it. This should not replace healthy eating habits and exercise but can be used in conjunction with it to improve your results.
$ 35

Treatment Program

When people start noticing signs of B12 deficiency it is not uncommon that their B12 stores have been deficient for a long time. In an efforts to replenish the B12 in the body, we recommend B12 once a week for 6 weeks. After that treatment series, many people will come in once a month for a maintenance shot. Since B12 is common found in foods from animals, vegetarians and especially vegans are more suspect able to B12 deficiency.

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