Benefits of Prolotherapy

  • Strengthen Tendons & Ligaments
  • Stabilize the Joint
  • Natural Dextrose & Collagen Injection
  • Reduce Injury Reoccurrence
  • Reduce Joint Pain & Stiffness


What is prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a nonsurgical procedure that stimulates and enhances the body’s healing process to strengthen and repair injured joints and connective tissue. Simply put, Protherapy is a treatment used to treat connective tissue injuries like tendons, ligaments that have not healed on their own. When these connective tissues are stretched or torn, it can destabilize the joint causing pain, laxity and improper moments of the joint.

Due to the fact that these tendons and ligaments have a poor blood supply, it can take a prolonged period of time for them to heal, if they heal at all. Prolotherapy uses natural, safe, and effective substances to accelerate the body’s own healing process to repair these connective tissues to strength and stabilize the body’s joints and movements.



The most common ingredient injected for prolotherapy is dextrose at a concentration of 12.5% – 25%. Dextrose is a natural sugar that causes an inflammatory response to happen locally, increasing the circulation and bringing with it oxygen and other nutrients to heal the damaged tissues. While each provider will use formulations that they find effective, here at Denver Acupuncture & Sports Medicine we use a combination of Dextrose, B12 (hydroxocobolamin), Lidocaine (to ease the patient’s discomfit), and homeopathic formulations specific to the area we are injecting. These solutions will be different for joints, tendons, ligaments or herniated / bulging discs. By using natural substances that the body can recognize, it aids the body in healing and reduces the chance of a patient reacting to the injection.

Scott Richardson is an excellent acupuncturist! He treated several of my physical ailments which resulted in complete and instant relief. I would recommend him to anyone experiencing chronic pain!

Cory T


I have been seeing Dr. Scott Richardson for over 2 years almost weekly. He has been instrumental in reducing my headaches and assisting me with healthy digestion. He has also helped me heal various injuries I've had.

Dana H


Dr. Richardson is not only a great acupuncturist, but an incredible man as well! My wife has been battling with back/neck spasms for over a year, and Dr. Richardson is the only one who listens and understands how to help.

Derek P


I saw Dr. Scott after I broke my 5th metatarsal bone and while I was still in my walker boot. The treatment was AWESOME! I had less swelling and bruising the next day and was able to put more weight on my foot without pain.

Elizabeth W